701 Bonder Base UV LaQ 12ml

701 Bonder Base UV LaQ 12ml


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Bonder Base SPN Nails is a unique product. A base that is essential in any nail salon. It's a product that gives you a sense of security and certainty that no matter what the natural nails of the client, everything must work!

Various applications of Bonder

Women visiting the salon of nail styling often expect spectacular effects, placing great hopes on the stylist.

They believe that any defects in their nails will be hidden, and the hands will gain a beautiful, very feminine look that will give them confidence

each other. Unfortunately, it often happens that nails are in very bad condition. Many times, womens

destroy the plate by pulling off the acrylic or gnawing it. Nails "after passing" are soft, brittle and very sensitive,

and the nail polish spatter from them very quickly. And it is in such situations that the only salvation is Bonder Base - an unusual hybrid base with the properties of a building gel that can be used in two ways:

- as a traditional base for one of hybrid varnishes - recommended for weak, soft, damaged nails,
             very sensitive. Creates a durable protective coating on the nail. She covers the tired plate with a "dressing", strengthens it

            and makes the manicure stay fresh for a long time.

- as a hybrid base for build and extension - a fantastic product for leveling plate unevenness,
            replenish all nicks and cracks and extend the nail on the form - even by 4mm.



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701 Bonder Base UV LaQ 12ml

701 Bonder Base UV LaQ 12ml

for weak and damaged nails

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