Clean and Prep 500ml
  • Clean and Prep 500ml

Clean and Prep 500ml

ultra-strong degreasing fluid 

Dispached 24h-48h


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Clean & Prep SPN Nails is an absolute foundation in the nail styling process. This ultra-strong degreasing fluid combines the advantages of a classic degreaser and pH neutralizer. Thanks to the unique chemical composition, it works very well even on very greasy nails, minimizing the risk of gel lift, acrylic or hybrid varnish becoming aerated.


1. Degreasing the plate - Apply the solution on the matted and dust-free nail plate and allow it to evaporate completely.

2. Removing the dispersion layer of the gel, hybrid varnish - Using the clean & shine damped lint free wipe, remove the dispersion layer, taking care not to smear it on the skin.


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