Anti Fungus 12ml
  • Anti Fungus 12ml

SPN - Anti Green 12ml

protect& eliminates the risk of getting bacteria, viruses



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Anti Green SPN Nails (erenow Anti Fungus) is a must have in each nail styling salon. Transparent fluid has a preventive effect and it completely eliminates the risk of bacteria, viruses or fungi get under the gel or acrylic. In case the nails get infected, Anti Fungus explores the nail plate to destroy the pathogens on the site of infection.  The product not only helps to prevent expansion of infection (e.g. of green bacteria), but also protects the nails from recurrences of the infection. 


- as a preventive measure - after the nail plated was prepared and degreased, before priming;

- as a treatment - 2x a day, leaving it to dry completely.


1. For complete protection of the hand and toe nails exposed to pathogens, we also recommend Protective Gel – the only one on the maker gel for nail styling with the antifungal Clotrimazole. 


The product for professional use only.


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