510 Skin color UV LaQ 8ml
510 Skin color UV LaQ 8ml
510 Skin color UV LaQ 8ml
510 Skin color UV LaQ 8ml

510 Skin color UV LaQ 8ml

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Skin Color is for a Stylist like canvass for a painter - a neutral background that offers unlimited possibilities. Light, working well with each type of complexion, the colour is perfect in every sense of the word. It looks fantastic on each length and shape of the nail. It perfectly matches most of the colours of hybrid polishes, coloured gels, zirconias or foils. The way it will be used depends only on the artist's imagination. 

UV LaQ is a hybrid polish that is second to none. Created only on silicon resin, it perfectly harmonises with the natural plate, creating an elastic layer that works well with the nail. It does not crack, crumble or peel from the free edge. Thanks to the unique resin, the UV LaQ hybrid polish may be applied even to long natural nails without the fear they will crack or have the "spiderweb" effect. The SPN hybrid polish is exceptionally delicate for the natural plate and the may be successfully used by persons with sensitive and even atopic skin.

Applied on acrylic or gel, it perfectly works with the hard material, and thanks to its strong adhesion, it does not slide from the nail and do not wear at the free edge. Resembling classic nail polish, medium-thick texture and flat brush ensure ease of application and exceptionally precise finish. Hybrid manicure is durable, strong, resistant to damage and even after 6 weeks it still looks flawless.  

* The colours presented on the colour swatch are a realistic photo. However, due to various settings of the monitor, the hybrid polish colour presented on the photo may be slightly different in its shade or intensity from the colour seen "alive".


Permanent varnishing of nails
Medium thick
Two thin layers
Curing time
Dual LED SPN Nails: 30 seconds, UV: 60 seconds
Dissolved in liquid Hybrid & Acrylic Remover SPN Nails
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