003 UV gel polish Top - No Wipe NaiLac 7ml
  •  003 UV gel polish Top - No Wipe NaiLac 7ml

#003 Top - No Wipe NaiLac 7ml

No wipe top

Dispached 24h-48h


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INTENDED USE NaiLac # 003 - The glossy, no wipe UV gel top gives NaiLac UV gels polish an intense, long-lasting gloss and protects against scratches and mechanical damage.

Wonderful distribute - leveling
Free of odor
On the nail looks like a classic nail polish
ZERO corrugations in the lamp, shrinkage during curing, oxidation, change in color
They do not contain formaldehyde
Flat brush ensures precise, comfortable application
Ideal for use on natural nails, gel, acrylic
Easy to remove 
The LED lamp cure at 30 seconds, 60 seconds UV
Recommended by brand for professionals - SPN Nails Professional


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