Cover Base 01 NaiLac 7ml
  • Cover Base 01 NaiLac 7ml
  • Cover Base 01 NaiLac 7ml

Cover Base #01 NaiLac 7ml

bright pink pudding base

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INTENDED USE NaiLac Cover Base # 01:

2 in 1 hybrid base. For use instead of hybrid UV Polish. A bright pink pudding base is designed to be used instead of hybrid UV Polish in order to obtain a clean, beautiful and natural manicure. It perfectly harmonizes with the natural nail plate, evens out imperfections, complements any damage and allows you to extend the nail on the form up to 4 mm. Base Base Base

• It spreads great - it is self-levelling

• ZERO wrinkles in the lamp, shrinkage during curing, oxidation, colour change

•Does not contain formaldehyde

• Tested by people with atopic skin

• A flat brush provides precise, comfortable application

• Easy to remove in liquid #NailOFF

• In the LED lamp cures in 60 seconds, in UV 90 seconds 

Product recommended by the brand for Professionals - SPN Nails Professional

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