545 Miss Rose UV LaQ 8ml


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Miss Rose is a very elegant and extremely feminine roses tea pink. It delights with its noble colours and enjoys the eye with a subtle beauty. Always fashionable, quiet, perfect for women who appreciate classics.


UV LaQ is a hybrid that is unmatched. Created exclusively on silicone resin, it perfectly blends with the natural tile creating a flexible and well-working coating with a fingernail. It does not crack, crumble or break apart from the free edge. Thanks to the unique resin, the LaQ hybrid UV Polish can be applied even on long natural nails without the fear of cracking or "cobwebs". SPN hybrids are extremely delicate for a natural nail and can be successfully used by people with sensitive and even atopic skin.


Applied on acrylic or gel perfectly works with hard material, and thanks to strong adhesion, it does not slip off the nail and does not rub off on the open edge. The medium-thick consistency and a flat brush ensure ease of application and an extremely precise end result. Hybrid manicure is durable, strong, resistant to damage and even after 6 weeks it still looks flawless.


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545 Miss Rose UV LaQ 8ml

545 Miss Rose UV LaQ 8ml

feminine roses tea pink


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