Frozen Gel 5g

Frozen Crystal Pink Gel 5g


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The most advanced, created on the latest polymer bonds, acid-free gel can be successfully used to work with all techniques. Thanks to high flexibility and eightfold increased adhesion.

Frozen perfectly harmonizes with the nail creating a durable and resistant to drying and damage coating, which even after visiting the sunbeds keeps its colour and impressive gloss. 

Nanopolymer bonds minimize the burning sensation in the lamp, so Frozen can also be used for women with sensitive skin.

Bestseller SPN Nails!

Intended use: builder gel

Color- clear

Consistency: medium thick

Curing time: 36 UV lamp 2 minutes, Dual Led Lamp 1 minute


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Frozen Crystal Pink Gel 5g

Frozen Crystal Pink Gel 5g

Acid-free best-selling gel

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