Base Gel 50g
  • Base Gel 50g

Base Gel 50g

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Strong, transparent base gel right after application and curing of one, very thin layer, creates a sticky dispersion layer that ensures perfect adhesion of the subsequent layers of gels - also the well-pigmented coloured gels. Rare consistency and the way the gel is applied (rubbing a very thin layer into the natural plate) make the base gel extremely efficient product that it easy to apply.

Directions for use:

After buffing, degreasing the plate with the Clean&Prep and application of the Acid Primer or No Acid Prime, apply a very thin layer of the gel (thinner than the layer of the nail polish) and rub gently into the nail. Be careful no to touch cuticles.

An extensive collection of SPN Nails professional nail styling gels that do not form bubbles, chip or turn yellow or pale, will surely satisfy even the most demanding Customers. A delightful quality, perfect consistency and enormous flexibility make the SPN products perfectly match the nail plate, creating a wonderful and very durable final result.

The product for professional use only.

Base gel
1 very thin layer
Curing time
Dual LED SPN Nails: 60 seconds, UV: 2 minutes

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