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Acryl-O!-Gel Diamond Clear 50g
Acryl-O!-Gel Diamond Clear 50g

Acryl-O!-Gel Diamond Clear 50g

Diamond Clear is a perfect transparent Acryl-O!-Gel for building nails.


The SPN Nails Professional Acryl-O!-Gel combines the delicacy of the gel with the strength of acrylic. No heat spike in a lamp and is entirely odourless in contrast to the acrylic method. Easy to file and does not require the pressure, heavy dust falls without hovering above the nails. It has a small tendency to self-levelling and is ultra-light on the nails. Thanks to it, you gain total control over the product - it does not run off and does not cure, which allows modelling of the desired form without rush.


How to work with Acryl-O!-Gel step by step:


1. On a previously primed nail with a hardened base (can be classic or hybrid), place the product ball closer to the free edge (approximately 1/3 of the length of the natural tile).


2. A brush slightly dipped in liquid Fluid Acryl-O! -Gel we model the ball, making the skeleton in the same way as in the acrylic technique.


3. Cure the layer for 60 seconds in the Dual Multi-Intelligence Technology 36 W lamp.


4. Apply a larger ball and build a nail, use a brush soaked in liquid Fluid Acryl-O! -Gel, then cure.


5. Wipe the dispersion layer with Clean & Prep.


6. File excess of product to achieve the desired shape.

7. Apply the LaQ UV hybrid top or hybrid(UV Gel Polish).

Purpose: Constructional acrylate
Density: Dense
Effect: Transparent
Application: Two layers
Curing time: Dual LED SPN Nails: 60 seconds, UV: 2 minutes
Removal: Necessity of filing


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