Bonder Rose UV LaQ 8ml


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Bonder Rose is a UV gel building base in a shade of custard pink.

It is designed for very thin, weak and damaged nails, and can be used with all SPN Nails UV gels polishes, gels or for babyboomer and french styling. It perfectly harmonizes with the natural nails, eliminates unevenness, complements the damage, allows you to extend the nail on the form - even by 4 mm and creates a flexible, extremely durable protective coating. Wraps the tired nail plate with a 'dressing', strengthens it, cures and prolongs the durability of the manicure and completely eliminates the risk of lifting, crumbling and delamination of UV gels polish, even with very long nails. A very effective and at the same time extremely gentle base for the natural nail can be successfully used by people with sensitive and even atopic skin. Bonder Base SPN Nails is fully soluble in Hybrid & Acrylic Nails Remover.


Apply the Bonder Rose layer on a suitably prepared, degreased, use primer and cure 60sec it in the lamp.


Before using the base, shake the bottle well to mix the pigments.


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Bonder Rose UV LaQ 8ml

Bonder Rose UV LaQ 8ml

in a shade of custard pink.

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