Bonder Coral UV LaQ 8ml
  • Bonder Coral UV LaQ 8ml
  • Bonder Coral UV LaQ 8ml

Bonder Coral UV LaQ 8ml

in a pink-coral shade

Dispached 24h-48h


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Bonder Coral is a hybrid builder base coat in the hue of pink and coral. It is dedicated to very thin, weak and damaged nails, to be used under all SPN Nails hybrid polishes, gels or for the baby boomer and French stylings. It perfectly matches natural nail plate, levels surface unevenness, repairs all the defects, allows you to extend a nail on a form even by 4 mm and creates an elastic, extremely hard protective layer. It covers the tired plate with a 'dressing', strengthens it, hardens, extends life of the manicure and completely eliminates the risk of air bubbles, chipping off and peeling of layers of UV polishes, even in very long nails. Very efficient and, at the same time, exceptionally delicate for the natural plate, the base may be successfully used by persons with sensitive and even atopic skin. Bonder Base SPN Nails is fully soluble in the Hybrid & Acrylic Nails Remover. 


On a prepared, degreased and primed nail, apply a layer of Bonder Beige and cure it in the lamp. 



Shake the bottle well before use in order to mix the pigments well.



Apply the Bonder Coral layer on a suitably prepared, degreased, use primer and cure 60sec it in the lamp.


Before using the base, shake the bottle well to mix the pigments.

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