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768 Molly UV LaQ 8ml


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  1. Disinfect yours and customer hands.
  2. Push away excess of cuticles from the nail plate.
  3. File nails to get desire shape.
  4. Gently buff nail plate with a buffer.
  5. Remove dust from nails using manicure brush.
  6. Clean and degrease nails using SPN Clean&Prep.
  7. Apply SPN No-Acid Primer to improve adhesion.
  8. Apply thin layer of Base UV LaQ / Bonder Base UV LaQ . Cure in LED lamp for 30sec / CCFL 36W lamp 1min.
  9. Apply 1 thin layer of UV LaQ (thin enough so you can still see thru). Cure 30sec in LED / 2min 36W CCFL.
  10. Apply second layer of UV LaQ to get even colour. Cure 30sec LED lamp / 2min 36W CCFL lamp.
  11. Use Top UV LaQ Top Shine UV LaQ to achieve long lasting shine finish. Cure 30sec. LED / 2min 36W CCFL Lamp.
  12. Wipe it using SPN Clean & Prep / Clean & Shine, put cuticle oil on cuticles.
  13. As a great finishing touch we recommend using SPN Sugar Peeling and Hand & Body Lotion after.


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768 Molly UV LaQ 8ml

768 Molly UV LaQ 8ml

Feel the summer on their nails! Beautifully Whitish, blueberry varnish hybrid 768 Molly is a unique shade of purple, which not only goes perfectly with other pastels, but also provides a background for holiday decorating and styling.


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