700 Top Shine UV LaQ 8ml

700 Top Shine UV LaQ 8ml


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Durable UV gel top 'no wipe' dedicated to gloss and fixation of UV gels polish can also be used as a finish for acrylic or gel stylization.

Thanks to the micronized glass, the sapphire top provides a long lasting, lasting up to 6 weeks, amazing gloss comparable to the glass. Top SPN Nails perfectly harmonizes with the UV gel polish creating a flexible and well-working coating with the fingernail, effectively protects against scratches, dirt and mechanical damage. 700 Top Shine UV LaQ does not have a dispersion layer and is extremely gentle to the natural nail, and therefore, it can be successfully used by people with sensitive and even atopic skin. Recommended for women who like the effect of 'wet nails'.

We apply after the second layer of UV gel polish, cure and leave to 'evaporate'. We do not wipe! Peel, lotion or oil should be applied after just one minute from removing the hand from the lamp. 


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700 Top Shine UV LaQ 8ml

700 Top Shine UV LaQ 8ml

No wipe top


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