Aquarelle Gel 8 ml
  • Aquarelle Gel 8 ml
  • Aquarelle Gel 8 ml

Aquarelle Gel 8 ml

for a blur effect
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Aquarelle Gel is a product that will be the perfect answer for all stylists who like unusual nail art. Designed to achieve the effect of watercolor blur - it is easy to use and will help you create truly unique designs.


How to use:

Paint the nail with a hybrid of the selected colour and cure.

Then apply Aquarelle Gel do not cure, paint it with a nail art brush dipped in hybrid colur.

When they dissolve on the surface of the nail - cure the stylisation and secure it with a top coat.

Purpose : Base for the watercolor blur effect

Density : Medium thick

Application : 1 layer

Curing time : Dual LED SPN Nails: 30 seconds, UV: 60 seconds

Removal : Dissolved in liquid Hybrid & Acrylic Remover SPN Nails

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