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  • TeXture 3D Art Gels

    TeXture 3D is a collection of plastic gels for building convex decorations on nails. Thanks to them, you can create any form - flowers, petals and other decorations ... and your working time will be unlimited because they only harden in the lamp, which allows you to model them without hassle. They do not have a fragrance, and their colours are extremely beautiful!

  • Spider Gels

    Spider Gels are flexible, thick gels dedicated for creations of straight lines and geometric patterns. Thanks to it, you can make perfectly straight and perfectly finished lines in just a second.

  • Hybrid Polish - SPN Nails

  • Acryl-O!-Gel

  • Gel Method

  • Acrylic Method

  • UV Paint


    Cosmetics for body and hand care are not only nutrition or moisturizing. Equally important for many of us is the smell of cosmetics. The LUXURY SPA SPN Nails Professional line was created for those of us who appreciate not only the deep care properties of cosmetics but also treat beauty rituals as a trip to a luxury SPA ... "home SPA". Fragrant and captivating with a lasting and rich aroma. The SPN Nails Professional cosmetics series inspired by famous scents from designers is the answer to each of the four seasons. It contains sweet, floral, fruity and fresh aromas. This is a comprehensive source of care for the hands and body - balms, shower gels, scrubs, cuticle oils and fragrances with durability comparable to toilet waters!

  • SPA Luxury Candles 2in1

  • Preparation Liquids

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